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招聘职位1:产品工艺工程师Production Engineer
详细工作描述Detailed job description
1、 生产力计算
Capacity calculation
2、 生产计划及实施模式
Mode of production plan and implementation
3、 材料控制
Material control
4、 生产设备设计
For design and production equipment
5、 按照标准操作流程精选设备地点
The specific location - compiled standard SOP
6、 接受准备、优化和定点
The acceptance of preparing, optimization and location
7、 生产差异的批准
Approval of product variation.
8、 支持部门工作
Support department work.
9、 实施技术变更及定位
Implement technology changes and location
10、 准备生产计划:工作说明书,GRN,材料清单
Prepare production plan; work  instruction, GRN, material list
11、 存档并更新文档,生产中工程变更的管理
Archive and updated document, engineering change management in production
12、 确保程序文件的准确性
Ensure the accuracy of the process documents
13、 工艺水平及错误修正改善
Craft level and mistake proofing improvement
14、 停止产品属性
Stop production property
15、 材料采购
Material purchase
16、 时间研究及计算
Time research and calculate
17、 根据订单,kanban系统运营分析,研究材料kanban数量
According to the order, Kanban running analysis, research material Kanban quantity
18、 参与生产审计
Participate in the production of audit
Promote FIFO and KANBAN system
20、 准备要求照片及其他生产文件
Prepare the requirement of  picture  and other production  files
21、 审计生产
Accounting production
22、 负责产品FMEA
Responsible for FMEA of product
招聘职位2:HD Engineer(Harness Layout Design Engineer)线束组装板设计工程师
详细工作描述Detailed job description
1、 根据变更文件更改组装板布局图纸
Modify the harness layout according to technical change
2、 根据客户图纸设计主线束、辅助线束、半成品模块组装板的布局图纸, 并对图纸进行管理。
 Design drawing mating part and layout drawing for main harness, step harness and modules according to customer drawings, responsible for drawing management.
Modify/ improve the layout/mating part drawing according to the requirement of production and product management
4、 处理客户服务需求。
Dealing with customer service.
5、 深入理解线束的不同组装过程以及线束布局的设计依据,并在设计工作过程中进行应用。
Work based on deeply understanding variety of harness assembly porcess and harness layout consideration.
6、 理解、检查工程变更信息,分析变更对线束布局以及生产过程的影响。
Understand and check thechnical change, analys the effect  on layout and assembly process of harness.
7、 支持线束装配生产中的每个与线束布局以及组装板固定件相关的过程。
Support wire harness assembly in each process which is relevant with layout and mating part drawing.
8、 在生产以及组装板零件安装中采取措施解决相关问题。
Take actions and solve problems occur during production and assembly board building.
9、 支持新产品推出及样品装配的每个阶段。
Support launch of new products and sample assembly in each project phases.
10、 在特殊生产中给予支持和合作。
Cooperate with special production, such as wire harnesses for T-car, pruner and homologation cars.
11、 参与问题的根本原因分析,团队协作解决投诉,并参与过程优化。
Take part in root cause analysis of problems and work in team on complaints and process improvement.
12、 参与年度的内部审核和外部审核。
Join in preparation for yearly internal audit and external audit.
13、 设计新项目的线束布局图, 定义线束布局(组装板尺寸图纸。
Design harness layout drawing for new Project, define the size of harness layout (assembly board)
14、 与国外同事进行沟通,处理特殊状况或问题。
Communicate with foreign colleagues for special issue or problems.
15、 根据系列生产研发提供的插线清单制作插线计划,并将插线计划加入到线束布局图中。
Get insertion list from SE, make insertion plan and add insertion plan into layout drawing.
16、 在生产过程中,对线束组装板布局图进行优化。
Optimization of assembly board during production.
17、 设计线束组装板上的固定件, 定义其在线束布局图纸上的安装位置,并将零件图纸发给TS部门。
Mating parts design for assembly board, define footprint for mating part on layout drawing and forward mating part drawings to TS department.
18、 根据SE提供的线束零件信息,制作组装板零件清单,并将清单发给技术服务部门。
Implement assembly board components list according to the info from SE, and forward it to TS depratment.
19、 根据工程变更信息以及TS部门的反馈信息对线束布局图纸进行相应的更改。
Modify the harness layout drawing according to technical change and feedback of TS department.Clarification of harness layout for TS and production.
20、 Update and management of mating part drawings.
21、 Update OGC (LED) number on assembly board according to info of SE.
22、 Cooperate with AV and translate sprcial requirement and description  on assembly board according to customer drawing.
招聘职位3:工业工程师Industrial Engineer
详细工作描述Detailed job description
1、 符合质量和安全条例
Comply with quality and safety rules
2、 引导工业工程师的职责范围
Guiding industrial engineering responsibilities range
3、 对新员工的全面培训
Comprehensive training for new members
4、 执行莱尼标准和方针
Execute the LEONI standards and guidelines
5、 分配工业工程师的任务并预见执行结果
Distribution industrial engineering tasks and oversee the implementation of the results
6、 组织、协调会议
Organization moderate meeting
7、 针对改善和执行的持续改善方案
The continuous improvement measure to promote and applications
8、 针对员工及其和工作量计划的合理调整及批准
Reasonable adjustment and approval employees holidays and workload plan
9、 确保团队的工作能力
The team to ensure that the applicable ability
10、 确保重要信息对团队内每一个成员的传达
Cookson convey information necessary to each member
11、 增强团队间的合作与协作
Increases the inter-departmental coordination and collaboration
12、 精益小组成员
Membership LPS plus, authentication (Kaizen, etc.)
13、 工作流程及操作程序
The organization work and operation sequence
14、 操作系统分析
Operating system analysis
15、 平衡总装线过程
Balance assembly line process
16、 生产系统中评估指标的识别及应用
Identify and application in production system evaluation index
17、 利用现有生产系统并优化标准时间
Using existing production system and optimize the standard time
18、 坚持先进的生产理论及优化结果
Hold advanced production theory and optimization results
19、 在区域内,决定工程最优方案
In area and determine optimized choice project
20、 从工厂现场获得有效数据并分析潜在指标
From the factory site obtain valid data and analyze potential index
21、 实施时间标准公式的合理方案
Applications reasonable way the formulation of standards of time
22、 为年终奖金系统建立标准时间
For bonus system establishment standard time
23、 为FORS系统确保工业工程相关操作数据及时间的准确性(标准时间)
To ensure FORS system in with industrial engineering related operation data accuracy and of time. (Standard time, etc.)
24、 利用时间研究并建立标准和文档(时间及动作分析,MTM研究,持续性时间研究等)
Using time study and establish the standardization and documented (time and motion analysis, MTM research, sustainability time study, etc.)
25、 分析并实施客户数据
Analysis and application custom data
26、 执行调查任务并分析新项目
Execution investigation tasks and analyze the new project
27、 提供技术支持直到 量产
Provides technical support until mass production
28、 支持全球工业工程项目
To support the global industrial engineering projects
29、 按照预算确定成本中心
To specify a cost center to budget
30、 控制现有预算成本
Controls the current budget costs
31、 描述不合理情况
Introduction unreasonable situation measures
32、 坚持本地目标及总部工业工程原则
stick to the local objectives and headquarters industrial engineering principles
33、 执行公司政策
execution company policy
34、 预期目的
intended purpose
35、 及时、有效的完成总部基钦根的PPE报告
Timely and effective to control center Kitzingen PPE a report
36、 引导并加强合作
Conduct and ascend cooperation
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